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International Conference Of Higher Education Argentina

In a highly interconnected world, the Internationalization of Higher Education (IHE) constitutes a central focus of university policies for an increasing number of countries. The universities of the 21st century create relationships with other global institutions to improve their competitiveness, increase their mobility programs, and expand their access to new sources of knowledge and resources.

With this forward-thinking attitude, Argentina will hold the first International Conference on Higher Education in 2018. This event will bring together experts of IHE from all over the world to carry out workshops, trainings, and seminars in an environment conducive to networking and developing strategic links for international cooperation.

Early bird deadline Monday, December 4th 2017

Higher Education In Argentina

1,900,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and undergraduate degrees in Argentina in some of the 53 national or 49 private universities. 60,000 are foreigners who decided to take part in some of the 3,700 face-to-face degree courses in the Argentine academic offer and that day after day they also bet on the more 2,600 graduate degrees that are taught in their territory.


60.000 Foreigners0%



53 National universities
49 Privates Universities


face-to-face degree courses


graduate degrees

The City of Mendoza is located as one of the most important in the Argentine Republic, positioned as the fourth conglomerate of the country, strategic point...

We invite you to participate in the most important International Higher Education Fair in Latin America. FIESA 2018 is a unique opportunity to build new links with the world, aiming to improve its competitiveness...

Call for papers

FIESA 2018 will have different work sessions all over the 4 days of the event. During those sessions, experts from all over the world will have the opportunity to share and analyze their experiences in the field.

If you are interested in sharing your work and knowledge you can send your proposal to be exposed in FIESA 2018. The papers will be presented orally in the sessions and must describe, and especially, analyze concrete experiences in universities framed in the axes listed in the following document.


Thematic Areas

  • Language Policies
  • Internationalization at home
  • Competences and credits
  • Internacionalization and Employability
  • International Organizations
  • Rankings
  • Internacionalization of the University Extension

Deadline Wednesday, December 20th 2017 –